Data Services

Our data software allows us to create mailing lists for campaigns and correct mistakes in existing lists. Often times, marketing projects utilize lists that require specific material sent to a consumer, constituent, or business. At EZ Mailing, LLC, there are three main tools in our arsenal:

NCOA (National Change of Address): This allows us to update an entry of an individual who has changed residency. This ensures your mailing lists are accurate and that the targeted information is delivered to the intended person or household.

DSF (Delivery Statistics File): When targeting a specific area, this service is performed by our mailing software. It assigns a “walk sequence” which is the actual sequence that the postal carrier walks when delivering mail. Applying this sequence in turn lowers postage costs.

Dedupe: In order to be efficient, we use Dedupe to run the mailing list against a database of “do not mail” lists so that duplicates are not sent to the same place.

Data services:

  • NCOA

  • DSF

  • Dedupe

  • Customize Listings

  • Presort